Wednesday, April 30, 2008

posted on politicsonline, april 24, 2008

Political Banter - New to the PoliTicker

The focus of the PoliTicker is to report on how technology is affecting politics, but since one of our local boys, Chris Lamb in Charleston SC, came out with his new book, I'll be Sober in the Morning, filled with political putdowns, comebacks and ripostes, we haven't been able to put it down.We found this excerpt particularly relevant in lieu of the 2008 Presidential election and the debatable topic of experience over electability: When General Ulysses S. Grant expressed his contempt for a certain officer, another general protested that the man in question had been through ten campaigns. "So has that mule, yonder," Grant snapped, "but he's still a jackass." Buy it on for 15 bucks.

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